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Brilliant Minecraft Gamer--- GeorgeNotfound

GeorgeNotfound, his real name is George Davidson, a member of DreamTeam. He is a Youtuber from England. GeorgeNotfound released his first video in 2019, and the first hunter of Dream's Manhunt series. He did not have many roles in Dream SMP because he is not willing to go through the plot. He is a red-green colorblind, therefore, in his world is basically most of the yellow and a normal proportion of blue, so blue is his favorite color. Then, he bought colorblind glasses to help him distinguish red-green colors. On September 9, 2020, he uploaded his reaction of being able to differentiate color properly for the first time.


Funny Stories about GeorgeNotFound

"Everyone is Jack Manifold"

Because George is really handsome, his friends and fans like him very much. Among them, the most representative friend is Jack Manifold, whose liking index for Geroge is much higher than that of other friends around him. And every time he sees George, the performance vividly represents the behavior of every fan who likes Groege. So the group around George gradually spread the "everyone is Jack Manifold" speech.

The Hobbit Hut

On the day of the final battle in L'manburg in the Dream SMP scenario, the entire server was in L'manburg to fight and go through the scenario. But at the same time, George was the only one who didn't fit in. He was livestreaming while looking for construction videos on YouTube. He built his own Hobbit cottage. Although it was burned by TommyInnit in the end.


GeorgeNotFound in Recently MC Championship (He is successful)

MC Championship 17: Team Red Rabbits

Individual: 13th  Team: 3rd


MC Championship 18: Team Fuchsia Frankensteins

Individual: 8th  Team: 5nd


MCC All Stars: Team Red Rabbits

Individual: 7th  Team: 1st


MC Championship 19: Teamed with KriniosPunzEret

Individual: 8th  Team: 3rd


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